Data: TikTok Shop blocked 2m sellers in H2 of 2023

TikTok has revealed it blocked over two million sellers and prevented 37 million items to be listed.

According to the the first ever TikTok Safety Report, which details its investment in keeping TikTok Shop safe, the social media giant stated in the latter half of 2023, it undertook significant measures to uphold its standards and protect its users from policy breaches.

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This included onboarding over six million sellers onto its platform and assessing their products before listing.

The platform also prevented 37 million products being listed that breached its policies and removed an additional 133,000 individual products after listing.

Meanwhile, one million accounts of sellers were also deactivated with their products being removed due to policy violations.

TikTok shop also held creators accountable as it removed ecommerce features from more than 500,000 creators due to policy violations.

TikTok Shop, Head of Operations, Jan Wilk, said: “As we expand TikTok Shop to new markets and grow our community, we are committed to being transparent about our efforts to keep the platform safe.

“We have invested heavily in tools, technology and people to build a shopping experience that people can trust, and we will continue to develop our policies, processes and enforcement so that people can enjoy a safe experience when they use TikTok Shop.”