TikTok urges marketing industry to ‘be creative again’

TikTok’s Global Head of Business Sofia Hernandez has urged the marketing industry to “be creative again”, as the social media giant launched its What’s Next 2024 Trends Report.

According to the new report, which showcases key trends for the next year, most brands can demonstrate “Creative Bravery” next year, fuelled by a blend of “curiosity, imagination, vulnerability and courage”.

The social media giant added brands that will see the most success will regularly pique global curiosities, flip traditional story arcs, and deepen trust with their audiences.

However, Hernandez continued that there are “so many ways that brands can engage with their communities and their audience by not following [storytelling] best practices.

She said: “Consumers are saying, we want to see you here, but we want you to show up the right way and like one of us. I always say, think like marketers, act like creators.”

“It’s not easy for brands to lean in and be creative this way,” she concluded.