TikTok highlights how people have been keeping their chins up in latest campaign

TikTok has launched its latest campaign, highlighting the ways that people in the UK have used the platform to keep their chins up during the turbulent year.

The ‘Chin Up’ campaign, voiced by Idris Elba and featuring Maya Jama and Gordon Ramsey, builds on the major ‘It Starts on TikTok’ campaign debuted by the app in September. The creative idea for the campaign comes from the popular ‘Point of View’ challenge, which amassed 178bn views, that encouraged people to record from the POV of the viewer.

The campaign represents the first time TikTok has opted to deliver advertising from a more mature and emotional standpoint, showing the ways that users have been expressing themselves and staying positive even in these trying times.

“This campaign recognises that the emotional resilience of the TikTok community is like no other,” said James Rothwell, Head of Marketing, Europe at TikTok. “How our Creators have rallied through a tough year and shared their unfiltered experiences on TikTok is a cause for celebration and were in awe of the new and surprising ways they are finding to keep their chins up while learning, laughing, and sharing their passions. Were hoping it will bring a moment of joy and familiar recognition to anyone who watches it.”