Timwe Unveils NFC Launcher

Timwe has unveiled NFC Launcher, a service that is designed to simplify the process of enabling consumers to interact with NFC-enabled tags and posters via their smarpthones.

Timwe notes that over the next few years, millions of NFC tags and smart posters will be created and distributed, along with NFC reader apps to interpret them. Many of the tags will have customised data, requiring the end user to have a specific mobile app to interact with them. NFC Launcher is designed to automate the process of identifying and launching the app needed to interpret each tag.

To use the system, developers need to add their mobile apps to NFC Launcher via a dedicated website to trigger the generation of a unique code. This code, when written into tags, allows for the automatic recognition of the mobile app by NFC Launcher, enabling consumers to interact with the ads.

NFC launcher will deliver high value to all NFC stakeholders, as it will not only offer developers an independent and standardised mobile app discovery and launch service, but also constitute a free mobile application for end users to interact with NFC tags on the fly,” says Timwe CTO, Paulo Salgado.

NFC Launcher is in trial and will be free until the end of September 2011. Thereafter, it will be pricaed at $99 (£61) per each 100 applications.