Tinder launches in-app General Election campaign

Tinder has launched an in-app campaign, ‘Give an X’, encouraging young people to vote in the upcoming UK General Election.

As part of the campaign, in partnership with youth-led, non-partisan charity My Life My Say, Tinder UK users will see an in-app ‘Swipe Card’ that provides accessible, unbiased information to help them make informed choices in the General Election.

With a swipe, Tinder will redirect users to My Life My Say’s Voting 101 FAQ page, offering extensive information about the upcoming election, including where to vote, what to bring, and steps for those who have recently moved.

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The move comes as research from the online dating app revealed that 21% of UK respondents, aged 18-25, reported ending a relationship or being willing to do so if their partner was not politically engaged.

Meanwhile, 69% of the young electorate plan to vote on 4 July 2024. Among those surveyed, political discussions are not avoided, with over 36% comfortable talking about politics on a first date.

The research also added that 60% of young singles in the UK believe their partner should respect their political views, rising to 65% among young women.

Some 16% of respondents said they would be more likely to vote if accompanied by a date or friend. Over a quarter admitted that their voting decision could be influenced by their partner (26%), with men more likely to be swayed by a match (32%), the research stated.

Tinder, Senior Communications Director, Laura Wilkinson-Rea, said: “Tinder we support and encourage our users to be their true selves while looking for a Tinder match, and for today’s politically engaged young people, the research shows this includes being upfront about your politics and voting intention.

“With over half of Tinder’s users aged 18-25, by creating awareness of My Life My Say’s ‘Give an X’ campaign in the app, our aim is to equip as many of our users as possible to feel empowered to make their voices heard in this General Election.”

My Life My Say CEO, Mete Coban, MBE added: “We are thrilled to partner with Tinder to engage young people in the democratic process in a truly innovative way. By meeting young people where they are—looking for a date—we’re able to seamlessly integrate voter registration into their everyday lives.

“This collaboration is an exciting step forward in ensuring that the voices of young people are heard and that they are empowered to shape their future. We are inspired by Tinder’s activation to give an X to make sure every young person is registered to vote and their voices are heard.”