Tinder is Partnering with Facebook for Programmatic Advertising

TinderTinder has signed a deal with Facebook’s Audience Network for third party advertising – as was announced during an earning call following its parent company Match Group’s Q4 2016 results.

From Q2 2017, the Match Group expects to enable advertisers to buy Tinder ads programmatically – adding to its continued direct sales efforts.

“We signed a deal with Facebook to provide us with access ad inventory, obviously our direct sales continue,” said Greg Blatt, Match Group chairman and CEO, during the call. “We are on track in Q1 to more than triple our direct sales from Q1 last year, but as we roll in Facebook we’re going to be able to start providing inventory on top of that. Should be integrated in Q2 of 2017 and launched at that point as well and another important step in what I would call our non-urgent drive to build this advertising business. It has taken second place to the direct business with good reason, but we are slowly and steadily building it and we think it has real opportunity to contribute down the road.”