Tinder is rolling out Spring Break mode

Tinder is releasing a new feature that will enale college students to promote where they will be spending Spring Break, in order to find matches that share the same destination.

Users on Tinder U, the version of the popular dating app for university students, can switch to Spring Break mode by going to the dating app and looking for the Spring Break card from 4 March. The app will then ask where the user will be spending Spring Break, and includes select locations like Cabo, Mexico; Lake Havasu, Arizona; Las Vegas; Miami; New Orleans; Puerto Rico; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and San Diego, California. 

Users will then be able to see where their potential matches are heading before they swipe left or right, giving them a chance to match and chat before Spring Break even starts. For users who aren’t going anywhere special for Spring Break, they can just select the Staycation option.

“We’re not here to sell you a villa on the beach or unload a surplus of cheese sandwiches — we’re just here to help you find fellow Spring Breakers while your decision-making skills are still in topnotch form,” said Tinder in a statement.