Tinder Launches Native Video Ads with Bud Light Whatever Campaign

Whatever snipBud Light is teaming up with Tinder to launch the dating app’s first-ever native video Profile Card, giving users aged 21 and over who are #UpForWhatever the chance to experience “the weekend of a lifetime” in America’s “most spontaneous town”, Whatever.

Bud Light created the town last summer, renaming and transforming the town of Crested Butte into Whatever for three days in order to bring its #UpForWhatever mantra to life. More than 1,000 Bud Light drinkers who got involved with the campaign were rewarded with a Whatever, USA citizenship and flown in for the weekend.

The video unit will be displayed in the app’s native flow, appearing after four to five swipes. Users can pause, resume and replay the Bud Light video as they engage within the app. Tinder and Bud Light will test various video lengths over the course of the campaign.
Users who engage with the ad will be redirected to a custom co-branded page where they can show how they are ready to bring their #UpForWhatever attitude to Whatever. Entries must be tagged with #BudLight and #Entry.

“We’re thrilled to work with Bud Light as we introduce opportunities for brands to connect with our global community,” said Alexis Ginas, Tinder’s head of global brand solutions. “The Bud Light campaign is a unique and fun experience for Tinder users that fits seamlessly into the platform.”