WATCH: Tinder debuts first-ever UK advert

Dating app Tinder has launched its first-ever advert in the UK, showcasing all forms of human connection and celebrating the “realness” of dating.

The ‘It Starts With a Swipe’ campaign, which launched on Boxing Day [26 December 2023], aims to redefine the narrative around dating by exploring the possibilities that extend beyond the search for ‘the one’.

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The advert follows a woman named Ava, which shows her moving to London and using the app to meet new people.

From a first date with ‘Nathan’, who challenges conventional dating norms, to a date with Maya, who turns out to be a best friend instead of a lover, the campaign showcases that different types of relationships can develop over time, Dispelling the notion that Tinder is solely a platform for finding short-term and casual romantic connections.

Tinder Senior Marketing Director, Northern Europe, Joanna Pons said: “Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. It enables connection between people that may never have normally met.

“Today, no dating journey is linear, it is full of possibility and self-discovery as our desire for human connection is as strong as ever.”

She added: “Our brand film aims to create a ‘that’s me’ moment – whether it’s remembering when you moved to a new city or sought new relationships and the crucial role that Tinder can play.”