TinyCo Launches Tiny Village on Android


Mobile game publisher TinyCo has launched an Android version of its Tiny Village game. The first to be developed with the publishers proprietary Griffin Engine, its a social game in which users manage a prehistoric village.

The Griffin Engine allows TinyCo’s developers to halve development time, by producing code that can be deployed simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms. Games created with the engine automatically resize to fit different screen sizes and resolutions on different mobile and tablet devices.

“Both iOS and Android platforms are exploding in the consumer market,” says Suli Ali, TinyCo co-founder and CEO. “In the past, we’ve developed for iOS and Android separately. We quickly realized there was a better way, that didn’t require twice as many engineers and twice the amount of development time, or the extra hassle of fragmented development. Our Griffin Engine truly is the first platform agnostic mobile social game engine.”