TMN Deploys Comverse Visual Voicemail

Portugals largest mobile operator, TMN, has deployed Comverse’s visual voicemail solution to enable users to hear voice messages as soon as they are recorded, on almost any handset.

To ensure maximum reach, TMN Portugal selected a ‘clientless’ form of Comverse visual voicemail, which notifies subscribers with a multimedia message (MMS), including details about the callers identity, message length and time. Subscribers then click to listen, and can choose to stored and/or forward the message.

“By infusing voice messaging with unbeatable speed and ease of use, Voicemail-to-MMS makes voicemail highly attractive to our users,” says Mário Sousa, TMN’s head of data and content. “Comverses clientless visual voicemail solution enables us to extend the service to the broadest number of consumers. As we expected, there is positive impact on the number of messages deposited, message retrievals, calls returned and overall user satisfaction. The Voicemail-to-MMS service is clearly answering our ultimate goal of increasing voicemail usage.”

Dror Bin, president of global sales at Comverse, notes that results from TMN support the principle that when callers know message delivery is instantaneous, they deposit more voice messages, adding that the relevance of immediate listening stimulates people to return more calls. “The bottom line is greater user satisfaction and higher voicemail usage, which operators report can increase as much as 30 to 50 per cent,” says Bin. “Moreover, adding multimedia capabilities to voicemail paves the way for several attractive revenue-generating opportunities and services, such as branding and mobile advertising.”