Opens for Business

TheTMSway has launched, which it claims is the first ever shortcode technology that operates independently of telecoms operators. enables brands to instantly create a shortcode for a campaign and link it to mobile contents for URL messaging. This allows consumers with an internet-capable mobile to access a localized and personalized offer from any brand.

The platform, developed by TheTMSway, links a Shortcode Editor to a new Shortcode Search Engine. This enables the distribution of personalized offers to engage in instant conversations with consumers.

The Shortcode Editor enables a brand to create a numeric or branded shortcode, independent of any mobile operator. The editor links the shortcode to one or several mobile offers located per mobile operating system (for example, to distribute a mobile app) or to provide location-based offers in many different countries. TMS has also simplified the number of intermediaries needed to launch a campaign. It provides an end-to-end service to create mobile sites that are automatically optimized for all operating systems and to link them to shortcodes that can be easily associated to any brand media campaign.

The Shortcode Search Engine is accessible via a mobile web browser or an app. It is designed to retrieve content, and at the same time, analyze the consumer’s environment (including handset, time and location) to deliver a correct and unique mobile offer in real time. In other words, consumers entering the same shortcode in with a different handset, in a different location or at a different time, will be able to access different offers via a unique URL ID. 
“Access to the internet via mobile is changing the way we use the web, and both the real-time factor and requested content delivery are becoming key to connecting with 6bn expected users worldwide,” says TheTMSway CEO, Jonathan Ellis. “We are convinced that the best way for brands to use mobile is as a bridge between a media campaign and consumers. Following this, the new TMS shortcodes for Url messaging associated to the new generation of mobile internet phones can replace the SMS text messaging in the relationship between brand and consumers and definitively change the way we live and interact with media.”