Mobile-fintech hybrid network To The Moon launches arcade game with prize of free data

Tyrone Stewart

To The Moon Mobile, a recently launched disruptor in the mobile network industry, has launched a retro arcade game to give new customers the chance to win free mobile data.

The ‘Digital Space’ game puts players in control of a retro spaceship as they seek to collect as many points as possible by collecting floating goodies and avoiding debris in the form of ‘Spam’, and ‘404’ and ‘File Not Found’ messages.

New customers have the chance to earn up to 50GB of mobile data for free depending on how well they do on the game. And there’s bonus data available for the people who share their scores on social media.

“Digital Space is another example of how we like to run a different ship at To The Moon Mobile – one with the customer in mind. It’s why we are the first mobile brand on the market to offer a built-in crypto wallet, and now with Digital Space, a creative, fun way for mobile users to get more from their mobile service for less. Hot tip for any would-be Digital Space pioneers out there: it’s harder than it looks,” said Andy Hallam, To The Moon Mobile CEO.

To The Moon Mobile, which taps into EE’s mobile network, launched in the UK last month. The mobile virtual network operator offers customers a range of data bundles, unlimited calls and SMS, and inclusive EU roaming – like any other network – but also features an integrated crypto wallet.