Todacell Uncovers Link Between Display Ad Performance and Colour

  • Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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New York Times Square Ads TaxiMobile ad network Todacell has used its mathematical and computational algorithms to demonstrate that bright, multi-coloured mobile ads perform better in lower GDP per capita countries, whilst minimalist designs perform better in countries with a high GDP per capita.

The company found a direct correlation between a countrys Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita and the performance of mobile display ads in relation to the colors used in the ads creative, with mobile ads that only used one or two colours in several different shades delivering higher engagement rates than those with several distinct colours, regardless of GDP per capita.

Mobile display ads with bright, multi-coloured images in their creative performed better in countries such as Kenya, India, Burma and Nicaragua, and worse in countries like the US, Denmark, Qatar and Singapore. Conversely, ads with minimalist or muted colours performed better in higher GDP countries and worse in lower GDP countries. Both types of ads performed equally well in countries in the middle of GDP per capita range, such as Argentina, Russia, Poland and Brazil.

Data scientists at Todacell took into account common mobile ad targeting parameters such as geography, device, operating system and connection type, but none of these variables were able to explain the performance gaps in the multi-national campaigns studied. It was only when analysed by GDP per capita that the pattern emerged.

“These results arent driven exclusively by income but also by culture,” said Amir Goldstein, CEO of Todacell. “Even in lower income areas in high GDP counties, the mobile ads with the minimalist and muted colours performed better than the ones with brighter colours. We saw the same in affcluent areas of lower GDP per capita countries.

“In addition to a wide variety of data and information, this kind of data has improved campaign performance and ROI for Todacell clients by up to 50 per cent. Our mathematical and computational algorithms are designed to uncover campaign irregularities – such as the ones detailed here – in order to improve campaign performance for our international mobile advertising clients.”