Tomi Ahonen Podcasts on MSearchGroove

Our friends at MSearchGroove have joined forces with with Tomi Ahonen, independent consultant, mobile luminary and author of Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, to launch a new monthly podcast as part of the ongoing Mobile Groove series. The series, available from today, will showcase industry commentary and insights of the top market news and research in the mobile industry.

Mobile Groove by MSearchGroove is designed to provide valuable insight to companies seeking ways to monetise their digital assets, drive mobile advertising revenues and connect with empowered consumers.  Episodes will offer no-holds-barred commentary on the companies and trends that matter most.

The podcast, produced and hosted by Peggy Anne Salz, MSearchGroove founder and chief analyst, will air every month and consist of three segments: The Numbers Game, a wrap of the months reports and stats; The Story, an informed discussion of the companies and technologies highest on investors radars; and Wacky Stats, a lighter look at our mobile behaviour.

The first podcast will provide insight on industry hot topics including the jump in mobile subscribers worldwide, what Nokias shift in location services strategy tells us, and why investors could be burning money if they believe location is the next big thing in mobile.