Tommys launches #WeSeeAMum campaign to celebrate all Mums on Mothers Day

Pregnancy and baby loss charity Tommy’s has launched a campaign recognising and celebrating all mums in the run-up to Mother’s Day, Sunday 27 March.

The campaign acknowledges the fact that while Mother’s Day is typically a day of celebration, it can be an emotional one, especially If you are a mum without your child. One in four pregnancies ends in loss during pregnancy or birth. Tommy’s recognises and supports mum no matter what their pregnancy journey is.  

The #WeSeeAMum campaign encourages people to come together by sharing their photographs, videos and stories about what it means to be a mum using the hashtag #WeSeeAMum on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles.  

The campaign seeks to capture different moments from all sorts of journeys, from the joyous to the heart-breaking, showing that challenges and losses will never invalidate the feeling of being a mum. The campaign also raises awareness of the need for more research to make sure more mums can bring their babies home.  

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Tommy’s will be sharing a short film that gives a real, authentic, insight into what makes a mum, produced with the help of people who have experienced very different pregnancy journeys, with many being supported by Tommy’s clinics along the way.  

The film captures snapshots of each woman’s personal pregnancy stories at different points. Images and video are accompanied by a poetic voiceover written by the Tommy’s team and read by women’s health specialist Dr Ria Clarke (@thedoctormummy), who is a passionate advocate of Tommy’s goal of making the UK the safest place in the world to give birth. 

As an NHS doctor specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology, a campaigner for racial justice in maternity care, and a mother who has experienced pregnancy losses, Dr Clarke has been using her social media platforms to share her story and help other parents by opening up conversations about pregnancy, pregnancy loss and what makes a mother. 

“Becoming a mum is a unique experience,” said Amina Hatia, Tommy’s Midwifery Manager. “Some people can feel like parents from the moment they start an IVF journey, or see a positive pregnancy test, while for others it’s a first scan or kick, or not until baby has arrived. Motherhood is completely different for everybody, and every mum will have their own unique story. 

“To be considered a mum, people often expect to physically see someone’s children. Sadly, not everyone gets to bring their baby home. As the largest UK charity funding medical research into premature birth, pregnancy complications, and losses, Tommy’s is working to change this.  

“We know that Mother’s Day can be especially hard for mums who have lost a baby. Through this campaign we want to recognise every mum and remind our community that Tommy’s is here for you on Mother’s Day and every other day you need us. Thank you so much to every mum who has shared their story with us so far and helped bring our #WeSeeAMum film to life.”