Top 5 mistakes startups make when marketing new apps

Growing an app from just a few users to a few million is no easy task. Even with strong financial backing in place, sustainable app growth can come with many operational and logistical challenges. As apps scramble for market share in an ever-competitive landscape, mistakes become an inevitable part of the process – and David Jumper has seen them all.

As a managing partner at the growth marketing firm Hyper Digital Partners, David has spent the last 15 years helping to scale apps and digital products across the gaming, entertainment, and e-commerce verticals. In his talk on the Apptivate podcast, (hosted by the mobile retargeting experts at Remerge), David discusses the five most common mistakes he’s seen during his career – and what app businesses can do to avoid making them.  

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“Carve out a budget to make your creatives and set yourself up to make iterations of these in the future. If you don’t make this investment, maybe you’ll get lucky, but more often than not, you won’t.”
David Jumper

Timestamps and podcast topics:

  • 1:22 David’s background and Hyper DP
  • 8:51 Attribution: sacrificing measurement
  • 12:00 Caution when integrating with MMPs
  • 14:45 Making creative an afterthought
  • 18:30 Optimization errors and bidding down the funnel
  • 22:40 Spreading the budget too thin