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Top 5 Phones of the Year

David Murphy

We dont get too involved with mobile handsets here at Mobile Marketing Magazine. We figure there are enough sites out there reviewing hardware without us getting involved. But when review site Testfreaks offered us their take on the Top 5 phones of 2008, we thought, why not. So heres Testfreaks Kristofer Brozio with his take on the best 5 phones of 2008

The aim of TestFreaks is to aggregate product reviews from other sites, in order to average them out to provide a score that a user can understand when trying to find more information about a product. We also collect user reviews as well, so the average consumer can see and learn what people just like him or her have to say about a product. Whatever the product category then, we see a lot of kit and a lot iof reviews. So heres our take on the Top 5 phones of 2008

No.5 - Nokia N85
Coming in at number five weve got the Nokia N85. Its a rather small and pocket-friendly slider with a touch-sensitive navigation wheel and an accelerometer as well, along with a 2.6 inch OLED screen to round things off. The main pros of this phone are a good camera, an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack and dedicated N-Gage gaming keys. As for the cons, its overall build quality doesnt match its high price, and N85 doesnt really offer much new compared to previous models.
Expert Score: 8.4/10. User Score 9.1/10

No.4 - Nokia E66

In the number four spot, weve got the Nokia E66, a slider phone that offers a full range of connection options, plus push email and fast web browsing, in an extremely stylish package that also throws in a 16 million colour screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, FM radio and GPS. The E66 has similar features to the Nokia E71, but lacks the larger capacity battery and full Qwerty keyboard. As a result, however, the E66 is smaller in size and weighs less, so is highly portable. The only real let-down is the poor battery performance, but other than that, its a pretty good example of a workaday business phone.
Expert Score 8.6/10. User Score 8.3/10

No.3 - Sony Ericsson W760i

In the number three spot, weve got the Sony Ericsson W760i, a slick slider phone with excellent sound quality. It is an attractive addition to Sony Ericsson's Walkman phone range, with stereo speakers for users who do not want to use their headsets. The W760i can keep track of 30 received, missed and dialled calls. It can also store 1,000 contacts and also comes with a motion sensor, push-to-talk capability, an FM radio, voice memo and much more. The lack of a standard headphone socket is its biggest flaw, but other than that, the W760i is one of our all-time favourite Sony Ericsson handsets.
Expert Score 9.3/10. User Score 8.4/10

No.2 - BlackBerry Bold
In the number two spot, weve got the BlackBerry Bold. This is a phone that has very quickly won the hearts of consumers and professionals alike. The Bold has a simple and clear interface, excellent navigation controls, great battery life and a high-quality screen. There are a lot of nice features like the 2 megapixel camera, a media player, built-in GPS, wi-fi support, video recording and much more. The phone also has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack so you can use a decent pair of headphones with it.  . The BlackBerry Bold is a beautiful combination of understated elegance and top-notch practicality, and even though the GPS functionality and camera aren't the very best, its excellent Qwerty keyboard puts other phones in the shade.
Expert Score 8,5/10. User Score 8,3/10.

No.1 - Nokia E71
In the number one spot, weve got another Nokia, the E71. It comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, and a front facing camera suitable for video calls. The phone is well equipped for messaging and e-mail, with a full Qwerty keyboard and two customizable home screens, which enable users to switch between business and personal applications. Other features include one-touch keys, intelligent input (including auto-completion), a music player, Nokia calendar, Nokia maps, integrated and assisted GPS, wi-fi and e-mail support, and all in a beautifully slim, lightweight design.
The E71 has been described as a great prosumer taking the best of the BlackBerry and the iPhone and combining them in a package that almost anyone will appreciate, and we wouldnt disagree with that.
So take a bow Nokia for the E71, the Testfreaks Phone of the Year 2008.
Expert Score 8.9/10. User Score 8.9/10