Top Glass

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. I have just sat through the first presentations of the morning at the MMA Forum in London. One was from Dan Rosen of AKQA Mobile, an accomplished speaker and mobile expert. He included a few of his company’s case studies in his presentations, though to be fair, they were used to make a valid point around some aspect of Insight. A Nigella Lawson iPhone cookery app, for example, incorporates voice control so that users can follow recipes without having to flip through the ‘pages’ of the app. Instead, they can move backwards or forward just by talking to the phone.

For my money though, the speaker up after Rosen, Craig Sullivan, group eBusiness customer experience manager at Belron International, which repairs broken windscreens, completely stole the show. He took us on a journey describing the development of the firm’s mobile site and his presentation was so full of useful facts, figures and insight into how to do it and how not to do it, it should form part of any mobile marketing syllabus. I’m going to ask Sullivan if we can get a copy of his presentation to host alongside this story because if I tried to summarise it, I couldn’t do it justice. If he agrees, I’ll append it here later.


David Murphy