Top UA strategies from the world’s most downloaded apps

Today, businesses operate in an ‘attention’ economy where eyeballs are the currency and competition is fiercer than ever. Apps know this all too well because their business models rely on capturing and maintaining the attention of both new and existing users. When a market is saturated with competitors however, app businesses have to think outside the box if they want to drive growth effectively and secure their share of the market. But how exactly can apps do this and is there a secret formula for success?

To find out, the mobile retargeting experts at Remerge discussed the topic in a recent episode of their Apptivate podcast. Joining the discussion was Mobile Trends Analyst Tara Kirkpatrick from Apptopia – a mobile intelligence platform that uses real-time data to monitor the growth and activity of millions of apps around the world. Following an acclaimed Apptopia report entitled “How App Download Leaders Are Winning” (published Feb. 2023), Tara’s podcast episode discusses what the most downloaded apps of 2022 were doing differently to make their user acquisition campaigns stand out from those of their competitors.

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“We joked 10 years ago that ‘there’s an app for that’ because there were so many apps, but now most businesses need one just to have a controlled environment with their customers and provide that consistent customer experience.”
Tara Kirkpatrick

Timestamps and podcast topics:

1:15 Apptopia & Tara’s role

10:42 How app download leaders are winning

14:08 App store search ads: Home Depot vs Lowes

18:33 Bidding on branded vs non-branded key terms in the app store

20:53 Curating the right ad network mix

25:11 Temu case study: DoubleClick over Meta Ad Network Quotes