Topman Rolls Out In-store Campaign

Cross-platform digital solutions agency Jigsaw has announced the implementation of in-store vouchering and redemption pods, plus mobile interactivity, to drive footfall for flagship stores.
The campaign launched in June in Belfast following a successful trial in April in Sheffield. Now, the in-store pod and mobile campaign is rolling out across flagship Topman stores in Leicester, Bristol, Edinburgh and White City, London. Smaller Topman stores are to run mobile elements only.
An initial trial in Sheffields Meadowhall in April earlier this year, where promotional teams gave out fliers containing a PIN code, enticing consumers to visit Topman and enter codes on touch screen in-store pods, enabled consumers to redeem prizes ranging from 100 gift vouchers to a discount of 5 off when spending over 30 in-store, to drive footfall and incentivise consumer spending. 
Consumers were also given the opportunity to subscribe to STYLEMAIL, Topmans e-CRM programme, by entering their email address on screen. All codes were monitored to track success and monitor campaign effectiveness.
Calls to action will be promoted in Topman shop windows and within Topman-branded travel wallets, encouraging consumers to text the keyword TOPMAN to 80668. In response, participants receive a PIN code to redeem via the pod in-store.   
Individual campaign analysis and evaluation of each activation point, be that Pod, Mobile and Street Team promoting the campaign, has enabled a clear breakdown of redemptions, incremental sales and indicated increased footfall in-store, hitting all three key drivers, says Topman CRM Manager, Janine Small. It also enabled the e-CRM team to drive subscription to STYLEMAIL and to truly measure and evaluate the success of the campaign.