TouchCommerce Launches Omni-channel Features for Chat Solution

touchcommerce touchmediaCustomer engagement company TouchCommerce has launched its newest solution, TouchMedia, which enables large advertisers  to transform brand messages in a variety of mediums into triggers for rich, interactive conversations.

The solution, which is designed to boost conversion and improve advertising attribution, provides brands with a means to integrate live chat and personalised self-service options into print, out-of-doors, television, audio and digital ads through the use of SMS messaging, QR codes and audio identification apps.

Through the use of any of these triggers, consumers can be taken to a live-chat solution which enables brands to improve conversion, address customer questions and concerns and raise brand engagement while also gaining access to attribution data.

“TouchMedia is not only an integral component of our omni-channel strategy but also aligns with our vision to move direct engagement capabilities upstream in the customer journey,” said Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of TouchCommerce. “With TouchMedia, we enable consumers who want to learn more about an advertised product or service to start a personalised conversation with a brand on their smartphone.

“Every offline ad can now have a powerful call to action and cost-effective way to immerse offline ad viewers into a personalised and self service digital experience.”

TouchCommerce has seen considerable results through the use of its engagement solutions, with companies making use of the technology seeing 20 per cent increases in sales conversion uplift, a 15 per cent increase in average order value and 25 per cent reduction in online support costs.