Toulouse Airport Launches Indoor Mapping App

Indoor location company Pole Star has teamed with wi-fi operator Hub Télécom to launch its NAO Campus system in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

The airport is testing an app which has geo-location capability and uses wi-fi to help visitors navigate their way from arriving to boarding, as well as enabling staff to monitor traffic in the building. It also gives users access to real-time queueing information at different points en route. 

“Ultimately, this system could help us to better manage visitor traffic and improve customer satisfaction,” said Laurent Verbiguié, head of IT and innovation at Toulouse-Blagnac.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport has already integrated NAO Campus into its My Way Aéroports de Paris app. 

Pole Stars NAO Campus overcomes the problems associated with tracking people indoors by combining wi-fi, Bluetooth and smartphone motion sensors, which they say gives it accuracy of between one and five metres. It is compatible with Android and iOS.