Toyota launches Spanish-language mobile AR ad campaign for the 2020 Corolla

Toyota has partnered with Latino marketing agency Conill and 8th Wall to create an interactive AR mobile ad campaign promoting the new 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan to Spanish-speaking markets. The experience originates as a mobile banner ad, and once it’s clicked, with allow consumers to plant a virtual 2020 Corolla into their camera background.

“We always want to offer our guests a greater vehicle experience,” said Cynthia Tenhouse, vice president, vehicle marketing & communications, Toyota Motor North America. “The new generation of Hispanic car buyers are an incredibly important audience for Toyota, so we’re excited to deliver an engaging digital experience that produces a unique opportunity for consumers to visualize and engage with the greater-than-ever Corolla at the touch of their fingertips.”

Once the Corolla has appeared in the user’s environment, the consumer can access interactive hotspots that highlight the car’s moonroof, LED headlights, and 18-inch alloy wheels. The user can zoom into the hotspots, or virtually enter into the car and look at the interior with a 360-degree tool. With 8th Wall’s technology, users can open the sunroof, turn the headlights on and off, and spin the 18-inch wheels.

“We sought to help our young Latino audience experience the Corolla sedan where they spend most of their time: on their mobile phones,” said Veronica Elizondo, vice president, group creative director, Conill. “This type of execution, without the need to download apps, goes beyond traditional media channels and reinforces Toyota’s position as leader in innovation and technology.”

“Augmented reality provides a natural and intuitive way for people to consume digital content, and brands can leverage this to build a more authentic relationship with their customers,” said Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO of 8th Wall. “The web-based AR experience that Conill created for the Toyota Corolla sedan using 8th Wall technology is an example of an interactive, immersive advertisement that can be experienced within the mobile browser, allowing the customer to virtually bring the product into their own environment. This not only provides important context and visualization for technical features to the user, but it helps to qualify customers before they arrive at the dealership.”

The ad unit is currently available on Android devices within the US, but will be available to iOS customers later on in 2019.