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Traackr launches Audience Quality and Brand Values Match influencer tracking tools

David Murphy

A montage showing examples of influencer marketingInfluencer marketing platform Traackr has launched  two tools, Audience Quality and Brand Values Match, designed to enable marketers to evaluate which influencers will resonate with their target audience and drive the highest ROI.

Traackr’s Audience Quality tool, built in partnership with HypeAuditor, assigns a quality score for Instagram influencers, breaking audiences down into four groups: legitimate people; suspicious followers; mass followers; and other influencers. The tool predicts how likely the influencer’s content is to actually reach a relevant audience that has a high degree of authentic engagement.

It includes three metrics. Audience Quality is calculated with a score, ranging from one to 100, that measures overall quality of an Instagram influencer’s audience. It takes into account suspicious accounts and authentic engagement.
Audience Type shows the percentage breakdown of an influencer’s audience: real people; influencers (more than 5,000 high-quality followers); mass followers (those who follow more than 1,500 accounts); and suspicious accounts (bots, hacked accounts and the like).

Authenticity and Reachability reflect total authentic audience, ratio of followers who see the influencer’s posts in their feed, and comments/likes authenticity to better identify where followers or engagements might be artificially boosted.

The Brand Values Match toolset streamlines the evaluation of influencers for brand fit and identifies potential risks. Marketers can input keywords to search for controversial topics across all platforms where an influencer publishes and allows marketers to approve influencers who align with their values.

Brand Values Keywords can include topics such as politics, religion, drugs or profanity. Marketers assign a “tolerance score” to each topic and are alerted if their maximum number of posts containing these keywords is reached.

Values Match Score applies a traffic light score to each influencer based on the marketer’s tolerance levels. Under 50 per cent of the threshold, under 100 per cent and above 100 per cent are displayed as blue, orange and red, respectively, signifying how closely an influencer aligns with brand values.
Approvals are managed by account administrators once an influencer passes the safety checks. Admins are alerted when users and brand managers have requested a Brand Safety Check as a task.

"Purchased followers, bots and misaligned values all detract from an influencer’s audience integrity and limit the impact they can have on a brand campaign, leading marketers to routinely overspend on the wrong collaborations and miss out on the highest potential performing influencers,” said Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO and co-founder of Traackr. “We developed these tools so marketers can access rich data about the makeup of influencers’ audiences and make investment decisions based on authenticity and alignment, instead of perpetually relying on audience size – a problem which has plagued the industry for the last decade.”