Trade Union Turns to Text, Saves Thousands

The R62 branch of the GMB Trade Union, based at Rotherham Borough Council, has rolled out an  autonomous web-based text messaging solution from Text Messaging Centre (TMC), to communicate quickly and efficiently with union members. Using TMCs technology, the trade union has moved away from costly and time-consuming paper-based mailings to fast, efficient and cost-effective SMS communication, ensuring members receive the latest trade union information instantly, easily and direct to their mobile phone.
The GMB Trade Union is a campaigning trade union focused on protecting, representing and solving problems for GMB members in their workplaces. The GMB is Britains general union, which means anyone can join. It has over 600,000 members working in every part of the UK economy. The GMB Trade Unions branch, based at Rotherham Borough Council, is the first to implement an SMS solution as part of its strategy to improve communication and attract members to the website for the most recent campaign updates.
Prior to implementing the web-based text messaging solution from TMC, we were contacting our members via mail to update them on any changes to a particular campaign, a specific pay offer or changes in workplace regulations, says GMB Rotherham Branch Convener, Lee Simpson. A regular mailing would cost 850 to send individual letters via second class post, not including additional stationery and printing costs. Selecting the TMC solution will save us 675 on the cost of stamps alone. Add that up over the whole year and the savings amount to thousands.
TMC is a web-based application that can be accessed from any computer within the Rotherham office. All messages are fully auditable and compliant through the TMC interface. The SMS technology exactly meets our needs, it is so simple to use, and has enabled us to transform our communication strategies without having to change any existing infrastructure or invest time in staff training, says Simpson. The functionality within the web-based interface provides us with the flexibility to target specific groups, individuals or everybody at the click of a button. SMS has facilitated immediate communication with target groups, and allows us to engage with our members more frequently.