Tradedoubler Brings Affiliate Performance Marketing to Apps

Tradedoubler has become the first affiliate network to apply its model to the marketing of mobile apps, which it says will cut waste and increase ROI.

Advertisers can set time-limited and tracked app affiliate marketing campaigns so they can identify the best affiliates from in-app purchases, revenue generated and engagement post-download. And they only pay for results delivered.

The affiliate network rewards the best publishers for their part in driving the download or sale on a cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-lead or cost-per-install payment model.

Tradedoubler’s app tracking SDK can be integrated into both iOS and Android campaigns. These campaigns can also be delivered alongside a wider affiliate programme, with a single reporting and payment dataset.

While there are traditional app marketing networks that have offered this kind of solution for some time, Tradedoubler is the first of the established affiliate networks to focus its attention on apps.