TradeDoubler Goes Mobile

Performance marketing firm TradeDoubler has launched a mobile advertising platform that enables its advertisers to extend their online campaigns to users on mobile devices.

TradeDoubler’s Mobile Solution allows advertisers to leverage existing online campaigns or use TradeDoubler’s affiliate network to reach users on mobile devices. Advertisers can vary the campaign execution by device type, while monitoring results simultaneously across online and mobile. Targeting options include location, time of day, operating system, device brand, model or operator. 

In the near future, TradeDoubler plans to launch a software development kit (SDK) that developers can use to produce mobile applications for integration with the TradeDoubler ad network. The SDK will support Android and iOS, and make it easy for developers to tap into the potential from their app traffic. All targeting options offered for the Mobile Solution will also become available for in-app advertising.

“Aside from the great interest and buzz surrounding mobile devices, e-marketers are rapidly learning that mobile audiences also provide significant opportunities,” notes Gavin Ailes, acting market unit Leader, North West at TradeDoubler. “Many advertisers share our positive experiences from mobile campaigns, which typically deliver superior key performance indicators for awareness, brand favourability, purchase intent, clickthrough and conversion rates, compared to equivalent online campaigns. Our Mobile Solution enables marketers to seize the opportunities with mobile audiences.”