Trademob Launches Click Fraud Protection Solution

App marketing specialist Trademob has launched a click fraud protection offering. The proprietary click fraud protection algorithm will become part of Trademob’s app marketing platform and smartBoost solution, to eliminate fraudulent clicks from mobile app marketing campaigns.

A recent study conducted by Trademob found that, on average, 40 per cent of mobile ad clicks showed a conversion rate of less than 0.1 per cent, which Trademob says can be attributed to click fraud and accidental clicks.

“Trademob’s click fraud protection offering was developed in response to a growing body of data that showed the need for a solution that addresses the dollars mobile marketers spend without result,” said Trademob CEO, Ravi Kamran. “We’ve seen fraud rates as high as 67 per cent in a single campaign. Trademob’s fraud protection offering is the first product of its kind that ensures every dollar marketers spend is being put to work the way it should.”

The solution is a heavily data-driven algorithm that identifies the sources of fraudulent clicks and eliminates further investment in those publishers. The Trademob platform integrates the click fraud protection solution with its optimization engine to identify the most effective targeting settings for mobile app marketing campaigns.

With over half a million mobile clicks tracked and analyzed daily, the optimization engine is based on a vast data pool that enables continuous improvement of its granular optimization algorithm. Trademob says the platform can help mobile advertisers increase return on investment by up to 70 per cent by maximizing efficient mobile ad spend. All clients currently using Trademob’s universal software development kit (SDK) will automatically benefit from the fraud protection service.