Brief for Acuity

Acuity Mobile, which provides mobile marketing content delivery technology, has revealed that its announced today its EMAP (Embedded Mobile Advertising Platform) Ttechnology has been selected by for its embedded mobile advertising. provides real-time personalised traffic information for drivers coast-to-coast. The company was recently bought by Navteq, which provides digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions.
Acuity Mobiles EMAP technology delivers what it calls Spot Relevance. This is defined by Acuity as content based on time, context, location and user preference.  The technology will enhance Traffic.coms delivery of targeted real-time advertising to mobile devices with live local traffic information for the nations top 50 most congested metropolitan areas.  The agreement gives an exclusive license to implement Spot Relevance with mobile traffic content.
Our focus continues on the creation of innovative advertising solutions for advertisers looking to reach consumers in-the-moment when buying decisions are made, says COO Christopher Rothey. After surveying the market, we selected Acuitys EMAP platform to extend the power of our mobile advertising services with unique hyper-local targeting, enabling us to send advertisers messages at the right time and in the right place. Acuity Mobile will help us make this happen.
Acuity says that EMAP technology will increase the relevance and impact of Traffic.coms real-time customised traffic reports. delivering a new level of dynamic marketing for advertisers, and helping to fuel the next generation of location-enabled applications. is a leader in the delivery of highly relevant personalised traffic content, and we are very pleased they have chosen our EMAP platform, says Acuity Mobile President, Alan Sultan. More and more organisations are recognising that in order to capture the value inherent in mobile marketing, content and advertising must be tailored to each customers actual location, interests and time of day. Anything less is more likely to be seen as spam and quickly abandoned by consumers. Working with an industry leader like gives us an incredible opportunity to showcase the value of Spot Relevance in practice.