Trafficmaster Launches Pay As You Go Satnav

Trafficmaster has launched Smartnav, the first Pay As You Go (PAYG) navigation application for the iPhone, allowing users to pay for satnav directions and traffic information as and when they need it.
Trafficmaster says Smartnav is ideal for people who only need navigation once in a while, but still want to have access to superior routing and navigation, which uses up-to-the minute traffic information. To use Smartnav, drivers download an initial five routes for 1.79. Thereafter, they can buy 10, 20 or 30 top-up routes.
Smartnav PAYG is part of the Trafficmaster Companion suite of travel services available on the iPhone. It uses Smartnav satellite navigation, which includes automatic map updates, and efficient route calculations based on live traffic information and time of day data. It also provides ongoing route monitoring, which alerts the driver to new traffic problems en-route and the provision of alternative, faster routes. Smartnav provides clear visual and verbal instructions throughout the journey, without distracting the driver with complex maps.
The service is supported by Trafficmasters team of Personal Assistants (PAs) who operate round the clock, 365 days of the year. The PAs are on hand to help drivers download routes and can be called upon in emergency situations, such as breakdowns and road accidents.
Routes can be downloaded via postcode entry or by setting up favourite destinations as well as through the PAs. Calls to the PA are an additional cost and are charged at a premium rate. Calls typically last less than 40 seconds, and cost less than 1.20, Trafficmaster says.