Translated Video Chat with Vocre 2.0

Vocre has unveiled Vocre 2.0, the latest version of its live translation app, which can convert speech into a different language. Currently in beta, version 2.0 introduces video calling into the mix, enabling two users to speak, face-to-face, without having to speak the same language.

“To all those who thought it was magical how we made sci-fi a reality with the first version, Vocre 2.0 is here to further blow their minds” says Andrew Laude, Vocre co-founder and CEO. “The language translation market is ripe for innovation and disruption, and our intent is to continually usher in services and products that up the ante and help make it easier to remove all language barriers from the world. We strongly believe this is the beginning of a new communication revolution, by enabling anyone to carry an interpreter in their pocket.”