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60 per cent of travel bookings now take place on mobile devices

Tyrone Stewart

Woman phone beach seaTravel companies with mobile apps saw 60 per cent of their bookings take place on mobile devices in the fourth quarter of 2017, up from 41 per cent from the year prior.

According to commerce marketing company Criteo, following an analysis of more than 3bn bookings from over 1,800 travel advertisers in 59 countries, online travel agents now see 45 per cent of all bookings happen on a smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, 89 per cent of last minute bookings now happen on mobile devices.

“Travel companies are seeing more and more travel bookings coming from apps and smartphones,” said Pauline Lemaire, head of travel and classified at Criteo. “The flexibility of these platforms means that shoppers can leave their booking to the very last minute. However, with travellers everywhere taking advantage of these different touchpoints, retailers need to ensure that convenience doesn’t come at the price of a great user experience. This means connecting all of those touchpoints across devices and enabling the shopper to book that last minute getaway on the device of their preference.”