Travelbag's Average Order Value Higher on Mobile Than Desktop

David Murphy

TravelbagThe idea that people don't make high value purchases on smartphones is a myth. So says online travel agent Travelbag, which says it has seen a sharp increase in both the conversion rate and average order value of bookings on smartphones since the recent launch of a dedicated mobile-optimised website, built by Tecmark.

The company says that smartphone conversion rate has increased 4-fold, and the average smartphone order value has increased by 71 per cent, since the site launched. Moreover, the average order value of bookings made on is now higher among smartphone users than desktop users, with the highest order value made on a smartphone since August 2013 standing at £7,773.58.

“Our own research showed that, in September 2009, just 0.02 per cent of web traffic was coming from mobile devices,” said Tecmark managing director, Richard Heyes. “Little over four years later, and smartphone traffic is approaching half of all web traffic. Travelbag embraced the massive opportunity that lay within the growing mobile segment in their traffic…We designed the mobile site to ensure users could find exactly what they were looking for and could browse and book just as easily on smartphones as on their desktop. The conversion rate improvements and average order values are even further evidence of the opportunity that lies in multi-screen marketing”.