Travellers Mobile Use Under the Spotlight

Ever wondered how travellers use their mobile phone when they are planning, or actually on a trip? If so, check out the infographic below, produced by mobile marketing firm, Yodel Mobile.

The infographic, sourced from a variety of primary sources, reveals that 64 per cent of mobile owners search for holiday sites via a mobile device, compared to 58 per cent in a desktop environment. It also reveals that consumers searching on a tablet are more likely to make a purchase (53 per cent) than those searching on a smartphone (41 per cent).

When it comes to mobile sites, British Airways is the top-ranking airline brand, with 936,000 visits per month as of November 2013, ahead of EasyJet in second place with 825,000 visits, and Ryanair a long way behind in third place on 372,000 visits.

“Mobile helps travel brands engage consumers, wherever they are, whenever they want to browse, research and purchase holidays, flights and more,” said Yodel CEO, Mick Rigby. “Since the mobile device now outstrips searches in a desktop environment, it’s vital to analyse this user behaviour so that techniques can be used to optimise mobile marketing campaigns, build an integrated approach and ultimately drive revenue.”

For all the facts and stats, check out the infographic below.

Yodel Travel Infographic jpg