Trebor brings back "minty bit stronger" jingle

Gabby Fernie

Confectionary brand Trebor is bringing back its iconic "minty bit stronger" jingle in a campaign to mark its 100th anniversary. The push was developed in partnership with creative agency ELVIS. 

The campaign aims to bring back the emotional connection that consumers once had for the brand, in a way that celebrates its longevity but also resonates with a new, younger audience. 

The Trebor Extra Strong Mints jingle ("Trebor Mints are a minty bit stronger") was originally created in 1969. It's been revamped for the campaign, recorded by a leading gospel music singer and featuring new lyrics. 

The push will run on radio and across social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

As part of the activity, Trebor and ELVIS have also created a 100-mint-long promotional Trebor pack. People can win one of the special packs and a prize of £10,000 or £100 by scanning any normal Trebor pack at to see if it grows extra-long.

“Trebor has a history of distinctive advertising, and our 'minty bit stronger' jingle remains in the public’s consciousness to this day. To mark our milestone anniversary, we wanted to tap into the nostalgia and love that people have for the jingle, while also reaching a whole new audience who may not have heard it before.” said Brand Manager for Trebor, Alistair Scrimgeour.