TripAdvisor introduces targeted ads for accommodation businesses

TripAdvisor has globally released its newest advertising solution, Sponsored Placements, which is available to all accommodation businesses who share live rates and room availability with the travel website. Previously, the service was only available to accommodations with a Business Advantage subscription.

Using Sponsored Placements, accommodation businesses are able to place their ads in high-traffic areas on TripAdvisor, such as above search results and on nearby listings. Ads will appear on the pages of guests who are searching for matching locations, availability, and property types.

“Sponsored Placements has been a game-changer for hotel owners, increasing their visibility to travelers researching their next trip. Now that we have made it available to all accommodation businesses that share rates and availability with us, theres a great opportunity to influence potential guests during a critical phase of the customer purchase path,” said Martin Verdon-Roe, VP of B2B Hotels at TripAdvisor. “And because an ad only appears when your hotel has availability, you can be sure youre spending your advertising budget on a channel which will make a real difference to your business.”

Accommodation businesses who purchase Sponsored Placements will also be able to target their ads by weekday or weekend stays, so that their advertising spend is not wasted on the wrong customer. TripAdvisor has also rolled out the new pause feature, which enables businesses to schedule a specific date to automatically restart their campaign.

“We have listened to feedback from early adopters of Sponsored Placements and continue to invest in our advertising product for accommodation businesses with these recent enhancements,” said Verdon-Roe, “Sponsored Placements, when combined with Business Advantage, is proving to be a great way to help accommodation owners drive direct booking referrals and build customer loyalty.”