TripAdvisor debuts self-service ad platform

Tyrone Stewart

TripAdvisor has launched its first self-service advertising platform, enabling small and medium-sized businesses and agencies to take control of their cross-platform ad campaigns on the travel and restaurant reviews platform.

The TripAdvisor Media Manager enables advertisers to build their ads directly within the platform, where they can upload their own creative, set their own campaign budget and schedule, and monitor results and adjust as they see fit. Businesses can also utilise three targeting options – including user location, browsed locations, and recent travel planning activities – to reach consumers with their content.

“We’re excited to enable local and small businesses to easily and quickly create and upload their own campaigns that they can push live on TripAdvisor in a streamlined way. The real benefit is the ability to quickly grow a business by reaching nearly 460m loyal, engaged and connected travellers who want to hear from brands that are relevant to them,” said Christine Maguire, vice president of advertising revenue for TripAdvisor.

The Media Manager launch comes almost a month and a half after TripAdvisor introduced its TripAdvisor Connect solution on Facebook and Instagram. This solution is aimed at enabling businesses to reach audiences beyond TripAdvisor’s core platform.