Freight Industry Gets Its First Chatbot

David Murphy

Trucker PathTrucker Path, the company behind the Trucker Path Pro app for truck drivers in the US, has released Trucker Path Bro, the industry’s first freight chatbot. Trucker Path Bro offers truckers access to the latest updates on parking availability, weigh stations, and other nearby facilities. This helps truckers to optimize their trips and save time and money According to Trucker Path’s own research the app saves roughly 51 minutes per trip on average, translating to $600 in monthly savings.

The idea behind the Trucker Path Pro app came from CB radio which has been used by the drivers for decades to share important information on the road. With the latest inclusion, Trucker Path Pro now provides information on truck parking availability at more than 27,000 locations along the National Highway System. Trucker Path Pro’s crowdsourcing technology captures accurate, real-time information on truck parking availability from its active user community. More than 430,000 drivers, or 30 per cent of all Class 8 drivers in the US, use the app for daily trip planning. The Trucker Path Bro chatbot takes this information and delivers it in real time to users to enable them to find available truck parking and weigh stations quickly.

“We are committed to improving the situation with shortage of truck parking (sic) by providing drivers with the most accurate and detailed information that is available today,” said Trucker Path founder, Ivan Tsybaev. “By helping drivers locate parking and optimize their stops along their routes, Trucker Path Pro contributes to safety, compliance and job satisfaction in the trucking industry.”

You can access the chatbot on Facebook Messenger here.