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Trufan launches Surf browser extension enabling users to earn as they surf

David Murphy

Trufan has launched a free browser extension called Surf for Chrome, Firefox and Opera in Canada and the United States. The browser extension will allow users to passively earn points for sharing their data as they browse websites, and then redeem those points for items and gift cards in the extensive Surf marketplace.

Surf enables consumers to passively earn points as they surf, with no requirement to take surveys, watch ads or change their browsing behaviour. Surf rewards users for data they already share on a daily basis. Users can redeem their points for items and gift cards from over 60 brands including Sephora, Lululemon, UberEats and Amazon. Surf also provides users with an activity log that allows them to see every piece of data they have shared. Users can edit and manage the data they share at any time. 

Surf marks a first new product for Trufan since it’s acquisition and subsequent merging of the SocialRank and’s products to build a privacy-first data generation and analytics product, in June of 2021.

“Trufan’s vision is to become the leading provider of high fidelity data to brands while redefining the role of consumers in the data economy,” said Trufan CEO, Swish Goswami. “We are supportive of people who do not want to share their data entirely – for those people, tools like DuckDuckGo are great. But we do recognize that many people are totally fine with sharing their data if there is something in it for them – that’s what we’re aiming for; optionality. If you are looking for a fairer and more rewarding internet experience, we want to provide that for you.”