Trump administration to talk AI with Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other major companies

Donald TrumpThe White House is planning to bring together executives from major US companies – including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Intel – to discuss advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

On Thursday (10 May), Donald Trump’s administration will ask the group of 38 major companies, as well as academics and government officials, about how regulations can be adapted to advance AI in areas like agriculture, health care, and transportation, according to the Washington Post. Furthermore, the discussion is due to touch on the government’s power to fund research into technologies such as machine learning.

Other companies expected to be represented in the room include Microsoft, Nvidia, Oracle, Ford, Mastercard, and United Airlines, among others.

According to the Trump administration, the US government spent over $2bn in unclassified programs to research and develop AI technology during the 2017 fiscal year. This figure excludes spending at the Pentagon and other intelligence agencies or any other funding not disclosed to the public.

Last June, Donald Trump sat down with major tech CEOs to discuss changes to the government’s archaic computer systems – with an eye on shifting toward the use of cloud technology instead of the floppy disks used on systems as old as 56 years old.