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Trutap Scores with

David Murphy

Mobile social messaging service Trutap has announced the launch of its global content platform, Hornet, and its first publisher partner, ( on mobile). Trutap says that Hornet will enable its users to access a host of exciting new content services launching across Trutap in the next few weeks, free of charge.
With, breaking English Premiership League stories are delivered to Trutap at least three times a day. Trutappers across the world can subscribe to the messages for free and enjoy detailed articles and related images on their favourite Premiership teams sent directly to their inbox. 
Hornet enables publishers to plug in unlimited text, images, video links and advertising off-deck for free, which can then be consumed by the service's global user-base. By subscribing to content through Hornet, says Trutap, users will be able to share the news thats important to them with their friends and their entire mobile community. Trutap says it will soon be announcing more major publishing partners going live on Hornet.
Our users live their life on the go and as such, need to be able to get the news they want, where they want and how they want, says Trutap Head of Product, Luke Brynley-Jones. Whether you're in Mumbai, Jakarta or London, with Hornet we can now give you all the best news and the latest scores from the world's most popular league, the English Premiership. Our users wanted to receive content from us, we've listened and now we've delivered. is the first publisher on Hornet and we want to continue to provide our users with the content they want and keep their world mobile.