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Tumblr launches app for watching YouTube videos with friends

Tyrone Stewart

Tumblr CabanaMicroblogging site Tumblr has created an app that lets users video chat with up to five friends through a smartphone – while watching videos.

Cabana enables friends to chat and react to YouTube videos together without having to share across other platforms and comment that way. Think Houseparty or Facebook Messenger’s group video chat feature but with videos playing at the top of the screen. Oh, and there was the YouTube party app introduced to Google+ Hangouts back in 2012 – which was more or less the same thing – so far from a new concept.

Despite this, it seemed to impress Tumblr CEO and founder David Karp. “When I saw [the app for the first time], I said, ‘Shit, I can't believe you actually can't do this yet,’” he told The Verge. “Yeah, you can hang out with your buddies in a group chat, yeah you can send somebody a link to a video. But that experience of getting to sit there there and watch [a video] with them as they watch it for the first time, that just didn't exist yet.”

Once people have joined a Cabana chat, anybody is able to select a video to watch from YouTube and it will start playing for everybody in the party to enjoy – or comment on how unfunny the video is, and question why the friendship exists.

For the time being the app is only available on iOS but ‘the Android version should be out in a few weeks’.