Turkcell Hails Tone & Win Platform

Turkish network Turkcell says that its 'Tone & Win' (TonlaKazan) Ringback Tone advertising platform, which launched in May 2008, now has over 200,000 members. Using the Tone & Win platform, developed in conjunction with 4play Digital Workshop, Turkcell customers select branded content instead of a regular ringtone. This is what their friends hear when they call their number.
Turkcell subscribers earn airtime or credit depending on the amount of time their callers spend listening to their Ringback Tone advertisement music. On average, a Tone & Win subscriber wins 65 texts/20 minutes monthly, but this can be as high as 150 texts/40 minutes for some subscribers whose incoming voice call traffic is above average. While, during the beta period, only a limited number of members were able to register for Tone & Win, it is now available to all Turkcell subscribers. Members select the advertisement music of the brand of their choice as the Ringback Tone they want their social community to listen to.
50 brands have launched a total of 72 campaigns using the Tone & Win platform since its launch,  with a minimum of two weeks duration. These include Coca Cola, Unilever, P&G, Nestle, Warner Bros and major national Turkish brands such as Garanti, Akbank and Digiturk. At the end of each Tone & Win campaign, Turkcell offers brands exclusive reports containing members demographics, socioeconomic status, total impressions and total branded Ringback Tone seconds listened to by callers. The platform operates on a performance-based pricing model, in which the brand is charged according to the time callers have spent listening to their advertising content.
In November 2008, Warner Bros launched a James Bond Quantum Of Solace branded Ringback Tone. Only Tone & Win members who were between the ages of 13 and 54, male, and living in the 26 Turkish cities where the movie launched, could select the jingle as their Ringback Tone.
Tone & Win has been shortlisted for the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 09 in the Best Mobile Advertising Service category.