Turkey’s ??bank Launches AR Promo Campaign at Cinemas

MaxiPara_IMG_CMYK_01_3000Turkey’s ??bank has launched a special prepaid bank card, MaxiPara Sinema Kart, with an augmented reality marketing campaign focusing on 62 of the country’s cinemas.

The MaxiKoltuk AR game, live on iOS and Android, has been created to promote the card and features a ‘western-style’ shooting challenge to be played before the film starts.

The MaxiPara Sinema Kart acts as a target, or users can shoot targets placed on the back of cinema seats, with points earned in the game exchanged for a free popcorn at participating Cinemaximum cinemas. The AR card and app have been created by Augmented Pixels as part of a digital campaign from Empati Reklam agency.

“Game-based campaigns are highly effective to gain traction,” said Vitaliy Goncharuk, CEO of Augmented Pixels. “We consider AR games a growing trend for the loyalty campaigns and co-marketing activities.”

Anybody can download and try the game now.