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Turner's Adult Swim launches 360° VR ad campaign to drive TV viewership

Tim Maytom

Turner's Adult Swim brand, the evening programming block of the Cartoon Network channel, has partnered with OmniVirt for a campaign that aims to drive viewership for the season two premiere of Dream Corp, LLC, one of the channel's live-action series.

The second season of Dream Corp, LLC premiered last night on Adult Swim. Produced by John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant, the comedy series features eccentric therapists who analyse their patients' dreams. To promote the premiere and drive TV tune-in, Turner used 360° VR content to virtually transport audiences to the show's dream therapy facility setting.

The ad campaign features a 360° VR video of the show's characters, who address the audience as if they were a dream patient. The video then enters a psychedelic section, with colourful 3D animated shapes that morph around the audience in all directions, taking full advantage of the 360° medium.

Using OmniVirt's VR distribution network, the campaign is being targeted at users across a number of premium publishers including Reddit, BET, Vice, Complex and IMDB, as well as being served across Snapchat and via OmniVirt's VR headset inventory.