Turnover, Profits Up at YOC

Mobile marketing company YOC has announced its first half-year results
since going public on 2 June 2006. The results show increased turnover
and operating profits. YOC almost doubled its turnover from 2.4
million (1.6 million) to 4.7 million in the first half of fiscal year 2006, compared
with the first half of fiscal year 2005, representing a growth rate of
97.3%. The mobile marketing business  showed a
significant growth in turnover of 92.5%, reaching 3.9 million Euros,
compared to 2 million in the first half-year. In the UK, turnover
doubled from 400,000 to 800,000. Operating profits rose by 101.6% to 870,000, compared to 430,000 in the first
In spite of difficult market conditions, YOC AG went public on 2 June
2006 on Germanys Entry Standard at Frankfurt stock exchange, becoming
the first mobile marketing provider in Germany to do so. The share
issue price was settled at 18, with the closing price on 27 July,
19.05. One-off costs amounting to 1.1 million were incurred by the
preparation and realisation of the IPO. Without these costs, the
companys profits are up 164.1% to 900,000.
During the first half of 2006, YOC completed projects for Masterfoods Espana in Spain, Coca-Cola UK, Johnson & Johnson, Ford and Nike.
In the second quarter and in the first half of 2006, we have expanded
growth by building up important existing customers and by acquiring
well-known new customers on a national and international level says
YOC CEO Dirk Kraus. Apart from the increasing tendency to shift
classical advertising budgets to digital forms of marketing, this
business development shows, above all, our companys ability to
establish itself, also internationally, in the market as the leading
provider of innovative mobile marketing solutions based on the most
modern technologies. Thus, mobile portals developed by YOC have
contributed considerably to the companys growth.