TV Texters Laid Bare

The Activation Nation report, commissioned by digital agency Siren, has revealed that more than 1 in 5 of the UK population has become activated by using a mobile phone to text in to a television programme.
In a world where traditional media channels are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their efficacy, the research sought to identify what these self-selecting interactors have in common apart from the fact that they view TV with the remote in one hand and a mobile in the other.
The research found that those using their mobile to interact with the TV tend to be younger & female, with women (27%) more likely to be activated than men (20%). They prefer to engage with television – nearly two thirds of TV programme activateds do not interact with any other media via text.
They are also five times more responsive to advertising, twice as likely to customise their mobile, and 40% more likely to visit TV-advertised websites – nearly two thirds of activateds have visited a website that they saw advertised on television, compared to less than half of all adults
Both media owners and advertisers are looking beyond coverage and frequency for more qualitative viewing measures such as engagement says Siren COO Mark Brandon. We believe that our research into activation gives an important, and useful new perspective in understanding the degree of involvement that viewers have with television content.
The research was conducted for Siren by Accent Marketing & Research.