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televisionwatchingWith Christmas looming ever nearer, and the majority of consumers having made the biggest purchases, this week were shining the spotlight on festive TV.

The big reality TV programmes are all drawing to a close, with the final of Im A Celebrity… last night, and X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing following suit over the next two weekends.

Today, Ill be looking at the mobile content tied into those shows, and whether advertisers are making the most of the unique relationship between the small screen and the even-smaller screen.

Well also be speaking to Shazam about the current status of their TV offering, and taking a look at second screen monetisation platform WyWy, while David Murphy will be providing his own take on the topic in this weeks Murphys Law column.

This week, you can also expect our latest video report, which saw David Murphy head down the pub to test out the Orderella app, and a look at some of the SMS/MMS marketing thats landed on the Mobile Marketing teams phones in the last few weeks. Plus, of course, all the hottest news from across the industry as it happens.

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Alex Spencer
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