TV Twitter Chat Targeting Launches in UK and US

Twitter and TV analysisBrands can now target Promoted Tweets during specific TV shows in the UK and US, regardless of whether their ads are being aired during the programme.

Twitter is mapping TV chatter so they can help brands reach people that they believe have seen a certain show. The feature is going live in the UK and US today, with beta testing now underway in Brazil, Canada, France and Spain.

To analyse the effectiveness of its campaigns in the UK, Twitter has looked at sales data and media spend across both online and offline channels for all major British mobile network operators. The company found that the cost per incremental acquisition is 36 per cent lower when Promoted Tweets are run alongside TV ads.

Twitter has also used its partnership with Nielsen to analyse its success for CPG clients in the US. On average, the use of Twitter alongside TV ads is driving between 8 and 16 per cent more sales, the company said.